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Single as fuck

Single inspiration. Enjoy, bitches. ♥ Embrace the singleness. Get okay with it.

“Yes dating”

It’s no secret that I’m notoriously picky about the men I go out with. Most of them don’t stick around for various reasons – I tend to not even give a guy a chance if he doesn’t meet certain criteria out of the gate. I prefer a man who is at least as financially stable […]

Secret single behavior…’fess up, ladies!

As with many single gals, I have plenty of SSB – secret single behavior. About six years’ worth, because that’s how long I’ve lived alone. On Sex and the City, as Carrie is contemplating moving in with Aidan, she contemplates how living with a man is going to interfere with her SSB. (Eating saltines with […]

Scruff snag: V shares an awkward dating moment

Remember when I blogged about C? His fadeout and slow texting? Well, last week we went out on a belated second date. Here’s my thing – dating someone and getting to know them has to have some momentum. If you meet someone and like them you should see them again soon. Like, in the next […]

Alternate endings are only meant for movies

“..all my resistance will never be distance enough” – Anna Nalick, Wreck of the Day This is a sad story. In December 2007, I met an amazing and beautiful man. I was twenty-two years old. Still naïve in so many ways. He struck me – he was warm, gentle, and kind. He was intelligent and […]

Mistakes guys make with online dating

Ooooooh boy. This is kind of a minefield topic so I may start slow and edit along. Disclaimer real quick though: There’s nothing wrong with online dating per se. I personally don’t have much success with it but my odds are still greater than the chances of meeting the man of my dreams while sitting […]

Chivalry: WTF happened?

I’m a lady. I happen to enjoy being treated like one. And I just love gentleman. I’m no stranger to dating; I’ve spent much of my twenties single. It seems like though, especially in more recent times, that the notion of “chivalry” has fallen by the wayside. I’m not exactly expecting a guy to take […]