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Good date fadeout, and why texting confuses me.

In my dating life, a FAD (aka freaking awesome date) almost never happens. Obviously. Otherwise I wouldn’t be so chock full of ideas for a single gals blog with my cat lady soul sister. So when one does happen it’s kind of like a rare event. Meet C. He was a find from, a […]

Kinder, gentler dating.

This is quoted from a blog I’m super into, Rachel Machacek who wrote the book The Science of Single. Get there now! My friend was telling me the other day about his dating stuff. The ah-maze-balls first date that ended up going nowhere because the biotch didn’t call, the next first date that went even […]

Why coffee dates suck.

Coffee dates are classic in the world of dating as a low-commitment, breezy, time-condensed, non-intimidating way to “break the ice” and see how well you “connect” with someone. The problem with that? They suck. I’ve rarely had JUST coffee with someone and had it be a good experience. I can count my coffee date experiences […]

He was flakier than a bowl of Kellogg’s.

In somewhat recent times, I’ve reappeared on the dating scene. How fun! Refreshing! Full of possibility that the love of my life, future stepfather of my cats, could be right around the corner. Haha no. In this episode, I try to date a man who works on a boat doing marine biology and research. I […]