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Too little too late

I didn’t write about this when it happened, but several days ago, BV sent me a series of honest text messages. The gist was – he’s very attracted to me and has a blast whenever we hang out but doesn’t feel he’s stable or able to be “there” for me in the way that I […]

It’s raining men!

It seemed like just week that the fields were fallow…and there weren’t any dateable men in sight. I was (and still am, sort of) pining helplessly over M, the gorgeous tattooed/bearded but ultimately unavailable man I reconnected with about a month ago. No one else was that exciting. This past Thursday someone randomly popped into […]

Scruff snag: V shares an awkward dating moment

Remember when I blogged about C? His fadeout and slow texting? Well, last week we went out on a belated second date. Here’s my thing – dating someone and getting to know them has to have some momentum. If you meet someone and like them you should see them again soon. Like, in the next […]

He was flakier than a bowl of Kellogg’s.

In somewhat recent times, I’ve reappeared on the dating scene. How fun! Refreshing! Full of possibility that the love of my life, future stepfather of my cats, could be right around the corner. Haha no. In this episode, I try to date a man who works on a boat doing marine biology and research. I […]