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He was flakier than a bowl of Kellogg’s.

In somewhat recent times, I’ve reappeared on the dating scene. How fun! Refreshing! Full of possibility that the love of my life, future stepfather of my cats, could be right around the corner. Haha no.

In this episode, I try to date a man who works on a boat doing marine biology and research. I found this specimen on match.com. We emailed back and forth for weeks. He was amusing and cute. Liked cats. Most of the time he was out at sea for days at a time, and then would return back for short stints. He did say in his profile it made it difficult for him to keep a relationship. We made tentative plans to meet, and they never materialized. We made more solid plans, and I never heard from him on the Friday we were supposed to meet. At 1:00 am on that Saturday, I get a text: “Plans today?” No apology for blowing me off, nothing.

Fast forward. Dude gets more serious about making plans. Like, it’s really going to happen. Maybe on a Wednesday, he suggests. Then it gets moved to Thursday – “no matter what” according to his text. Then the next day “possibility of me not being home in time. I should be but wanted to let you know.” Thursday comes. Evening time, once I’m already home and doing my own thing “I’ll be at port around eight… Probably another night? :(” Well, I hadn’t been holding my breath. Reschedule for Saturday. I hear nothing for days and then on Saturday afternoon I get a text: “Don’t hate me, can we postpone a day? I accidentally went out last night and now I’m knee deep in paperwork. :(”

Dude. I don’t hate you. But I’m all done. I’m not that girl. We tried for awhile to get together and he continually blew me off. All the while, my interest tapered. What was there when I first started talking to him all but disappeared. Momentum lost. I was bluntly honest in my response. I never heard back from him, not even an apology or a “fair enough. ” End of story, and rant. Why, on God’s green earth, do you even bother making plans, only to break them at the last minute. Once okay, maybe twice. But before you’ve even met the person? Please. He was 23, which may have been a concern, and was always out at sea for his job. It couldn’t have worked. But man… did he have a nice beard…


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